Terms & Conditions

1. Motoinsomnia d.o.o. gives the vehicle mentioned in this contract, for period and under conditions set forth in this Rental Agreement. The rental price includes 350 km per day for all rental periods. Extra km is charged 1,50 kn (0,20 eur) per km from deposit.

2. By signing this contract the user confirms that the vehicle has been taken in technically good condition, with cosmetic and non-functional damages that are listed in the contract.

3. Users gets the vehicle with a full tank of fuel and it should be returned in the same way.

4. User agrees to return the vehicle with all the parts, tools, documents, standard and optional equipment which the vehicle had on the start of the rent.

5. The user will return the vehicle on agreed date and time, or earlier if required by Motoinsomnia d.o.o. For any extension of the rent, user will require the consent of the Motoinsomnia d.o.o. at least 24 hours before and if it is going to be approved, Motoinsomnia d.o.o. will charge an additional amount from deposit.

6. The vehicle may be operated only by a user or person named in this contract as a driver, with necessary qualifications and documents.

7. The vehicle can not be used for : – sporting events, – if the user is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medicines, – or if it is overloaded or it contains more passengers than allowed.

8. User can not assign the rights acquired under this Agreement, or steal the vehicle or its individual parts.

9. If user exceeds the agreed time of the vehicle rent without prior consent of Motoinsomnia d.o.o., vehicle will be considered stolen, and the owner will inform the police. In such case the user will be considered financially responsible for the vehicle.

10. User agrees that during the period of rent he will take care of the technical condition of vehicle and regularly check oil, cooling fluid, tire pressure and other problems or necessary replacements, or he will inform the owner that it has to be done. Motoinsomnia d.o.o. will recoup the cost of oil, grease, regular servicing and other costs except for washing the rented vehicle, on the basis of the presented R-1 invoice which must be registered to Motoinsomnia d.o.o.

11. User is responsible for all damages on a vehicle caused by his own fault or improper use of a vehicle. In this case, user will be charged for the cost of towing the damaged vehicle, repair costs, depreciation costs of vehicles and loss of revenue from the vehicle renting during the entire time of repair. Repair of vehicle will be charged according to offer / estimate of an authorized service that includes the original parts (parts that are scratched must be repainted, broken and a recessed parts and scratched parts which are impossible to paint – should be changed with the new parts). Repair should include everything what is needed to get the vehicle back to the state in which it was taken. The user will also bear the costs of Motoinsomnia d.o.o. it may have against third parties, which are caused by improper use of a vehicle by the user.

12. User is responsible for all damages on the vehicle during the rent period, caused by user or a third party. In the case of damage to third parties the user will bear all costs Motoinsomnia d.o.o. may have on that basis.

13. The user agrees that during the time vehicle is not used he will lock it and take the keys and documents with him. At the end of rental user must hand over the keys and documents of the vehicle or reimburse expenses if he lost it.

14. User may leave Croatia territory with the vehicle only with the prior written consent of the Motoinsomnia d.o.o.

15. During the rent period the user will bear the costs of parking, garaging, penalties for offenses committed in traffic, the cost of deposit of the vehicle for improper parking and other extraordinary expenses.

16. The user will bear the costs of mechanical breakdowns on the vehicle if he failed to take all necessary measures that failure does not occur, and he could.

17. Motoinsomnia d.o.o. does not bear any consequences resulting from a malfunction of the vehicle during use.

18. User agrees that he will pay all costs under this contract in legally prescribed period.

19. In the case of an accident the user is obligated to protect the interests of the owner of vehicle in the way that he:
– Record the names and addresses of all persons involved in accident
– Secure and remove the vehicle before leaving the place of accident
– Call the traffic police for an official investigation
– Inform Motoinsomnia d.o.o. about the incident immediately after the occurrence .
If the user fails to take such measures, he will be responsible for all consequences and damages that the owner of the vehicle can have based on it .

20. User agrees to pay the total amount of damage on all items of this contract that he bears the blame. The amount of damages will be charged from the deposit that user left at pick-up and if that amount is not enough, the damage will be charged from other user’s property.

21. Any intentional damage to the tire, or wear more than is normal for the number of kilometers will be charged 400,00 KN to 2000,00 KN. Lessor assesses the damage depending on the tire condition at beginning of the rent.

22. Part of this Agreement is the actual price list at the time of execution of this Agreement.

23. Changes to the terms and conditions of this agreement is possible only with the written consent of both parties.

24. User in this Agreement also states that the vehicle is taken and used at his own risk, and that in case of careless handling or accidents caused by their own fault will not charge Motoinsomnia d.o.o.

25. In case of a dispute under this Agreement municipal court has jurisdiction in Commercial Court.