Motorcycle tourism in Croatia is a sleeping potential

Enjoying the nature and life on two-wheeled friend is a story forthose who want to taste the maximum travel experience during their holidays.

Croatia is a tourist country and maximizing this potential is of great importance for the development of economic activities in different yet combined sectors. Looking for new experiences, lovers of motorcycles travel to various locations throughout the world and Croatia increasingly stepped up as common target destination.

Rich Croatian culture awaits

Croatia has a lot to offer. From a delicious homemade food over local wines through to the rich cultural heritage, which contains in itself the history of humans from the earliest days of their existence. Neanderthal form Krapina, the legacy of the Roman or Celtic culture in the northern parts of Croatia guarantee an interesting trip if one knows how to offer these potentials on the market.

Recently in Zagreb Motosomnia opened its doors with a range of services, which include motorcycle garaging and rental all the way to organized two-wheels tours throughout Croatia. This way of experiencing nature and different culture is an alternative traveling model for all those who enjoy the ind in their hair, good laughter and top quality local food.


Freedom loving tourists

Often completely unjustly neglected, this group of people are interesting tourists worth our time and attention. They posses natural ability to enjoy life and feeling of freedom and they truly submerge them selves in gastronomy. Motorcycle groups in Croatia are still breaking through dogmas of their external appearance that can sometimes look bit scary.

We should become more aware that people are much more than just their external expression and getting to know this group of people takes you to a new, fun and exciting yet completely misinterpreted world. Bikers world is full of good and genuine people who simply want to enjoy good company, good food, tasting wine or beer, so drawing attention to this tourist profile is very important in order to strengthen the tourism sector in this segment as well.



Endless posibilities

Development of tourism will pull along with it, development of other sectors such as agriculture, industry, health sector and many others. Broadening our perception will quickly lead us to a comprehensive development of the country so that local inhabitants won’t have to flee to other countries in search for better life, dig through garbage or enter into suspicious compromises in order to survive. At some point one has to wonder how is it possible that a country, naturally rich as Croatia, is in such a difficult economic situation. This can be extended further and the same question can be asked of entire planet Earth, which is so imaginatively and beautifully created that is extremely strange that we have poverty, crises and wars. Given the fact that the Earth is a self-sustainable and would exist without us it is obvious that we are the ones who are creating the problem.

Best possible introduction

But let’s go back to Croatia and tourism, and its potential for raising not only economic but also human values, because traveling provides an opportunity for expansion of perception, knowledge, human contact and general awareness that people in their core are good and that all disputes emerge from fear of different. If we approach to tourism and traveling from that angle and work harder to introduce ourselves in the best possible light, that we most definitely have, we all can have multiple benefits from opening up to as many different groups as possible and provide them with full services while they experience their adventure here in Croatia.


The right feeling for everyone

This is what Motosomnia is all about. In our approach towards tourism and our motorcycle routes covering Croatian we have something for everyone – from few days short tours all the way to tailor made ones that are adapted to your needs and desires. Travelers are well taken care of by team of motorcycle enthusiast who combined their personal and business life in one meaningful world of two wheels.

Feeling of rideing a motorcycle is very specific one, that keeps you in this moment. Even dough it may look like a bit dangerous means of transport, truth is that years of experinece give you that necessary knowledge of self-control that opens you up to the fullness of life and that is why we do it.

Therefore, it would be a great step forward for all of us if we opened our doors and our minds to all those different individuals which who live their lives sincerely and with passion.